Why Wrinkle Wiz

Whether you are overwhelmed with Ironing the kids clothes for school, hate not having your clothing looking fresh at an afternoon business meeting, or simply hate taking out the ironing board in a hotel room. Wrinkle Wiz™ is here to make your life easier and more convenient. Let us also mention you will save money on the cleaning bill.

Wrinkle Wiz™ was specially made by fabric engineers and chemist for the sole purpose of eliminating garment wrinkles and making wrinkled clothes wearable. As a result of years of patience and fine tuning Wrinkle Wiz™ is the most effective formula in the industry in “making Wrinkled clothes wearable.” Wrinkle Wiz™ uses a combination of safe and highly penetrating fabric relaxers to eliminate wrinkles while refreshing your clothes and leaving them smelling as if they were just washed.

Wrinkle Wiz™ comes in two sizes. A 16 ounce size for home use and a 2 ounce convenient travel size. The 2 oz size is safe for taking on airlines and easily fits into any toiletry bag.

Wrinkle Wiz™ is sure to add convenience and cost savings to our customers while having them looking and feeling great!